A Word to the Wise.


This is a tribute to two things in my life that inspire me and give me joy: Football and Racing.

I’ve recently pondered on what word best describes me and I nearly got too engrossed in the actual search to realize that I’ve had IT in me all along: Bouncebackability (Special thanks to Mr. Ian Dowie for this word)– the talent, nay, gift to recover from anything and absolutely everything with humor and grace. Of course, this definition is of my own wording but I also love the fact that this word is also closely-related to the aforementioned things that are so dear to me. It’s all-encompassing and more important, a word that never fails to make me smile.

Life is too short to hold back. It’s time to take chances and embrace the chaos of possibility. This is where I’m willing to open up and share my passions. Bouncebackability Rules.

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