V is the Roman Numeral equivalent for 5. Last month, I was informed by WordPress that I have been a blogger for officially five years now. Five! That’s half a decade! Where has the time gone?

V stands for Verbosity: Brevity is something I often struggle with, but by now I have embraced verbosity like a long-lost friend. Why keep things short when it’s so much more fun to play with words and experiment with different ways of storytelling?

V is for Verve: I do not do things halfway. When I love, I love hard. And I hope that most (if not all) of my posts reflect that.

I started this blog simply as a repository for all my Football- and Racing-related thoughts. Oh, and of course to share my love for them (in all their strange/curious glory). Most of the blogs that I’ve browsed during the time I started ranged from trying-too-hard-to-be-professional-journalists to hardcore-fangirling-which-is-bordering-on-being-cringeworthy. I just wanted to keep it real, be myself, make people smile and maybe even possibly say, “Yes, that’s what I think, too!” As someone who lives too much inside her head with a galaxy of thoughts and constantly gets ideas faster than the speed of light, I thought it would be rather therapeutic (albeit a bit risky) to keep a public record of them.

Who knew such a random decision would turn out to be so…serendipitous?

I never realized just how much the blog was going to grow; how many countries my posts were going to reach; and how many people my writing was going to inspire/help/touch/affect.

With this blog, I’ve met so many amazing people, I’ve learned so much and most important, I’ve shared parts of myself that I didn’t even know I could.

Yes, there were a few times when I went all dramatic/existential crisis-esque and wondered, “Why am I still doing this? What is the point, even?” and considered packing it all up and closing the blog, but whenever I see the small, but loyal readers that keep coming back, I realize that this little blog do matter for a select audience, and for that, I am Very grateful.

So thank you. Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and to read this post (and possibly some of my other posts, too). I can not give you back the time you’ve lost for it, but hey, I’ll wish good karma and bouncebackability for you instead, how about that?

Kidding aside, your support (no matter how small) has been invaluable. It is enriching and humbling at the same time.

The five years went by in a blink of an eye. It really is true that time flies when you’re having fun.

There is still so much ahead, not just for me but for all of us; because you are part of this, too. “Possibilities” is such a wonderful word, isn’t it? So hold on tight, this wonderful journey is far from over yet.

And if you’re thinking of starting your own blog based on your personal passions? Go on and do it. You shall grow and evolve in ways you can never imagine. Trust me.