Ride Or Die.


For some reason, or strange divine machination, you found him. Or her. Or them. They had talent. And charisma. Je ne sais quois. That valuable, intangible something. And you were mesmerized, enthralled even.

You decide to support them. To profess a certain level of “love” for them. Come what may, you will be there for them, cheering, sending positive vibes from a thousand miles away and defending them from critics and naysayers.

Time passes.

What happens when your chosen one shows signs of weakness, of mortality?

They stopped winning after years of domination. Cheated on their partner. Left your beloved club/team. Transferred to a rival club/team that you absolutely despise. Media exposed a nasty habit/vice. Still haven’t won a title despite years of trying. Said the wrong thing on social media. It could be one big thing or a thousand, smaller things that piled up.

Disappointment consumes you. Heartbreak of epic proportions. You seriously question your devotion. Maybe you should move on. Maybe you have outgrown them. Maybe it is time to live in reality. Is this what falling out of love feels like?

You stop and think. You remember why you supported them in the first place. You smile. You feel like crying. There were good and bad times. But you wouldn’t trade all those memories for anything in the world. Abandoning them because of their faults won’t make them any lesser beings. It’s all on you.

In the end, you throw all caution to the wind. Get your shit together. You are not a fairweather fan. You are better than that. Who are you to judge? You are not perfect. You know the power of empathy. You chose to love your chosen ones with their weaknesses, not inspite of them.

Chosen ones are not meant to be flawless. Perfection is boring and overrated.

Chosen ones are meant to be fallible. Chosen ones are meant to be human.

Chosen ones are meant to be as real as they can be.

And somehow, even though some things may change, some things (and loves) in your heart will always remain the same.


The Bouncebackable Guide: How to Survive the F1 Winter Break.




A new Champion has been crowned, the champagne/rose water has been drunk (and copiously sprayed), the cars have been packed up and the proverbial curtains to the show (or is it circus?) have been closed. 

What now? The (dreaded) Winter Break, that is. *Cue collective gasp* Fear not, just like the previous post The Bouncebackable Guide: How to Survive The F1 Summer Break, I got your back and provided an assortment of distractions to help you through the months of waiting:

Missed a crucial/relevant/controversial/hilarious moment on and off the track? Trawl this blog’s huge selection of F1-related videos HERE and happily lose precious hours of your life.

Embrace your inner F1 Geek and get lost in the ocean of stats and trivia (and some noteworthy articles) by the ever-reliable F1 Statman.

Go a step further and embrace your inner Motorsport Geek and browse the super extensive Driver Database website.

Interested in the technology side of F1 and motorsport? Check out the techie wonderland that is Scarbs F1

Do you want to score an actual job for an F1 team but have no idea how to do it and where to start? Head over to Job in F1  and start plotting your way to the top. Good luck!  

Appreciate F1 and Motorsport in a new way by browsing the works of these massively-talented artists:

*Motorsport art & drawings



*Lisa Statham Illustration


*Dot art by Nikki Douthwaite



*Simon Ward motorsport paintings



 *Jake Davis Illustration



Fancy yourself to be some kind of F1 Genius? Then try your luck at answering “The World’s Hardest F1 Quiz” HERE.

Could you be an F1/McLaren driver in a past life? Take the “Which F1 Driver Are You?” quiz by McLaren HERE.

Prove your F1 Mad Skillz by taking on the Tag Heuer Steering Wheel Challenge HERE.

Fall down the Blackhole of F1 Fandom and search F1 (or the names of your F1 favourite teams and drivers) on http://www.tumblr.com

I promise you, you’ll spend hours and hours and hours browsing and marveling at what the internet can produce. (Hint: f1-gifs.tumblr.com is a good place to start.)

Do you get (irrationally) annoyed when some people jump on the F1 bandwagon but clearly have no idea about the sport? Watch this funny video by Twitter user  on how wrong David Guetta’s F1-themed music video “Dangerous” is.

Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet? Then browse this extensive list of gift suggestions for your motorsport loving friends and family members from F1 Fanatic —hey, feel free to buy a thing (or two) for yourself as well!

Wanting, wishing and dreaming of going to your first GP but you have no idea where to start? Check out F1 Destinations and take the first step to getting to the GP you want!

Still aching to watch some similar form of motorsport during the weekends? Try Formula E , the newest electrifying series by the FIA (see what I did there). Hey, there’s loads of ex-F1 drivers in there so at least there will be familiar faces!

From the wow, weird, wacky, wonderful, to simply WTF, this site (nearly) has it all. Head on over to WTF1 and immerse yourself in the crazy world of F1 (& other motorsport)!
Are you hopelessly addicted to Twitter and are in-the-know when it comes to chuckle-/LOL-inducing F1 gifs and photos? Check out the Twitter account F1 Reactions (@f1_reactions) and get contributing! 


There you have it. The aforementioned, along with the holiday season, should tide you over until at least the Winter Testing starts, yes? And if not, well then use the comments box below to suggest more ways of surviving the break!