The Bouncebackable Guide: How to Survive The F1 Summer Break.


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Twenty-five days in reality may not be that long, but for hardcore Formula One fans, a break of that duration may seem like an eternity, especially after that crazy Hungarian GP that put our hearts and stomachs through a wringer. So if you’re already feeling the pain of F1-less weekends, here are some tips to help make the days fly by faster:

Join the massive debate/discussion online. The Driver Cockfights. Why is the Ferrari so slow? Do you still miss the V8 sounds? You can discuss these and more via Twitter, Facebook, or F1-specific forums. Some sites are better than the others; there are forums that have fellow fans who will absolutely school you in the intricacies of F1 and motorsport (in a good way, though) and then there are some sites that seemed to have hoarded the most blinkered and bonkers fans. Choose wisely, and remember—no matter how hard it is, always play nice!


Relive the best moments of the past races by watching the highlights and other amazingly useful and educational videos HERE . If you want to re-watch the full races, you shall need to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, but trust me, there are plenty of…resources out there.


Kit yourself up with some F1 gear/merchandise via these online shops: MOTORSPORT MERCHANDISE.COM has a pretty good selection without the usual steep prices. REDBUBBLE has loads of interesting merchandise created by fans for their fellow fans. And in case you can’t afford them just yet, well…there’s no harm in doing some window-shopping or even creating your own wishlists (hey, Christmas is coming, after all).


Watch Senna and Rush. Definitely two of the best F1-related films of recent years. If you’ve seen them already, watch them again as I’m sure you’ll find more things to appreciate with each re-watch. And if you haven’t, why on earth not and what are you waiting for?!


You can find a roundup of some F1/Racing Documentaries HERE . Be prepared for some feels.


Make your voice heard by starting your own racing-related vlog or blog where you can rant and rave with impunity. If it’s too big a commitment for you, seek out F1 sites that accept fan contributions. You never know, you could become the next Joe Saward or Will Buxton (make of that what you will)…


Curl up with a good book. A good motorsport book, that is. If you’re unsure what to get or overwhelmed by the huge selection, check out


See the lighter side of F1 by checking out the works of these talented illustrators: Cirebox and Rathbone Mini drivers Or if Memes are your thing, then check out and giggle your heart out at the sheer silliness of it all.


Want to find out which F1 driver is your spirit animal? Take the F1 personality quiz HERE  and see if you and your fave drivers are really meant to be. (I got Kimi Raikkonen, and yes, I did answer all questions as honestly as I could!)


And if that’s not enough… Make plans to go to a GP. Whether it’s your first or your nth GP, just do it. Browse travel websites, ask fellow fans for tips, compare prices, collate all the information and then start saving your pennies. No matter how expensive it may seem, the trip is so going to be worth it. You’ll get there, I promise. Harness the power of positive thinking!


There you have it. So what do you do to ease the pain/boredom of F1-less weekends? Share your top tips in the comments box below!


2 thoughts on “The Bouncebackable Guide: How to Survive The F1 Summer Break.

  1. “Join the massive debate/discussion online” Do you want to kill me with ridiculous arguments and loud fanatics? 😛 I’ll just go plan for Hungary and set a countdown to Indianapolis 🙂 Happy F1 holiday!

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