Timewarp Thursday: Rain, Pain and Finnish Gain.


How is it October already?

Seems like it was only a fortnight ago when the 2013 F1 Season has started, and now Sebastian Vettel is on the verge of clinching his 4th WDC this weekend in India.

Time flies when you don’t lift.

Speaking of time, here is a poem I’ve composed post-Australian GP 2013–how and why this was not published immediately, I have no handy explanation for.

Better late than never, right?

Rain, Pain and Finnish Gain
A post-Australian GP 2013 Poem


At first, I was gloomy
From this year on, there’ll be no Schumi
Where’s the fun in that?

Saturday brought the rain
Which became so insane
Q2 & Q3 were moved to Sunday morning.

A fuel pump prob stopped the Hulk
Poor lad, had no choice but to sulk
3 years, 3 Oz GPs, 0 laps completed.

Reigning champ Seb came in third
End of Red Bull era? Absurd!
To count them out would be schoolboy error.

Then there was this Finn
Who went on to steal the win
And our hearts in the process.

That was just the 1st race
But bloody heck, that was ace!
Bring on the rest of the season!