Project of the Day: My DIY “Lego” Lotus Kimi Raikkonen (And Some Rather Unexpected Cameos).


The “Lego” versions of Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen and Mercedes GP Michael Schumacher have been two of the most popular posts on my blog, and this is actually quite a long-overdue project as I’ve received several requests for it a long time ago. So finally, I’m pleased to share with everyone the Lotus GP version of “Lego” Kimi Raikkonen:






Looks like “Lego” Lotus Kimi doesn’t look too impressed with the Proposed 2014 Car showed to him…



He doesn’t want to talk about it, though, so he went hiding behind a barrier…



However, a certain F1 Legend managed to find him and corner him for a chat…”Lego” Mercedes GP Michael Schumacher!




Before things get three shades of awkward, the “Lego” version of myself–let’s just call her “Lego” Bouncebackabilitrix–entered the scene to ask the 2 F1 Champions for some photos…




“Lego” Schumi had to go, but luckily, “Lego” Kimi stayed for some small talk…





Sneaky, sneaky “Lego” Kimi!

But wait, it didn’t end there, as a “ghost” from his past has somehow resurfaced and quizzed “Lego” Lotus Kimi for one last time on his F1 future…




Silly season has officially gone into overdrive, ladies and gents!

Would you like to see me attempt to do more “Lego” F1 drivers? If so, which ones? Leave a comment below or contact me on Twitter!

*For further details on this crafting project, please check this post on my other blog, Marjitecture.


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