Project of the Day: How To Make Your Own Sebastian Vettel-Inspired Keychain.


It was the year 2006. There was this young German driver named Sebastian Vettel who was then BMW-Sauber’s Friday Practice Driver in Formula One. He was still racing in the junior series but for some reason, his moxie and driving style caught my eye and I thought to myself, “This kid is going to be a future World Champion.” And it’s not just because he is nicknamed Baby Schumi, mind. Six years later, he is not just a World Champion but a triple F1 World Champion at that. Premonition? Destiny? Who knows?

Anyway, before I further digress, here are the photos of the actual project:

The front view of the Vettel-inspired keychain.

The back view of the Vettel-inspired keychain.


For more information and instructions on how to do this crafting project, please visit my other blog, Marjitecture.