Project of the Day: How To Make Your Own Kimi Raikkonen-Inspired Mobile Phone Charm and Bracelet.


The off-season can be long and arduous for us hardcore racing fans. So what better way to take some of the edge off than to do some DIY racecraft (see what I did there)?


DIY Kimi-inspired mobile phone charm.


DIY Kimi-inspired charm bracelet/wristband, front view.


DIY Kimi-inspired charm bracelet/wristband, rear view.



For more information and instructions on this DIY crafting project, please visit my other blog, Marjitecture.


P.S. Lotus GP will be the first team to unveil their 2013 car this Monday, January 28. Only a few more days to go and us starved F1 fanatics shall be given a scrumptious treat! Here’s hoping the Enstone-based team will start the upcoming series of 2013 Car Launches with nothing short of a bang!


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