Project of the Day: How to Make Your Own Michael Schumacher-Inspired Keyfob.



I shall not deserve to be called a first-class, ride-or-die Michael Schumacher supporter if I have not done anything to celebrate his 300th GP in Spa-Francorchamps last weekend. And so I’ve made this DIY Schumi keyfob as a reminder of his general awesomeness as a Formula 1 driver and icon.

Good luck this weekend at Monza, Schumi!

*For more details on this project, please visit my other blog, Marjitecture.


2 thoughts on “Project of the Day: How to Make Your Own Michael Schumacher-Inspired Keyfob.

  1. June

    I have just this second finished reading ur online stories of that race wkend. U r an awesome writer…my heart was pounding + i was tearing up reading about the moment u met our hero. U sound like an amazing person + true f1 fan. Sadly none of my friends like f1 so finding u all on twitter is amazing…i thought it was only me that had such strong feelings for f1 + of course my beloved Schumi as workmates etc have always said i was weird 2 b so obsessed by it all. I started out a dc fan + watched my 1st race on tv in ’96 but then Schumi stole my heart. Went to silverstone in 98…most exciting day ever seeing it all for real, but gutted due 2 camera glitch lost all my pics:( then went back this year as i knew i had 2 c my hero b4 he have never forgiven myself if id left it another year…it was fate. I booked my tickrts 1 yr b4 + paid a fortune for int striaght 2nd row. I picked seats opposite grid slot 3 hoping he’d qually well…wow my cheaks were hurting from smiling all wkend. My poor cousin got dragged along because i could find no one 2 go with + she’d promised year earlier 2 b my backup…haha the mission is on 2 find a gp buddy this year…mite use twitter 2 launch an appeal 4 a companion b4 i have 2 give in + sell my tickets, although without Michael the magic has gone! I was lucky enough 2 meet a few drivers that wkend including Alonso + Kimi:) Anyway just wanted 2 thank u 4 sharing ur experience, loved ur pics + watched all video clips…my heart was pounding @ the very much missed sound of an f1 car:)x

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