Video Of The Day: This Name Is Made For Racing, That’s What It Will Do…


…One of these days this name is gonna race all over you…



This weekend, I was able to catch Messrs. Michael and Ralf Schumacher be featured on this DW-TV talk show called Beckmann, presumably to discuss their racing careers in Formula One and DTM and possibly more.  I say presumably because the show was entirely in German and I could not understand a word they were saying, but did I care? Not one bit.

So for German speakers, enjoy this video, and for non-German speakers, wait for the bits where they show old footages. You have no soul if you don’t “aawww” or have a bit of a laugh at those.


This weekend’s Belgian GP marked Schumi’s 300th GP, and while it did not have a “fairy tale ending”, his grit showed that he still has what it takes to slug it out in top-tier racing. Actually, I reckon this bit deserves another post altogether. Stay tuned.


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