Photo of the Day: Presenting The “Reasonably-Priced” Ferrari.


In honor of the F1 Italian GP in Monza this weekend, allow me to present a Ferrari that won’t bankrupt the typical Tifoso:

The Ferrari Go-Cart, a.k.a the Ferrari FXX Exclusive.

The specs? Aerodynamic spoilers and side skirts. 7 gears, 12-inch lightweight metal wheel rims, with ultra flat super slick X-treme tyres. The top speed and lap times can be closely monitored using the digital dashboard computer. Soft-grip leather-look steering wheel and soft sport seat ensure optimal racing comfort.

Salivating yet? Bear in mind though that it doesn’t come cheap at $5000+ a pop, but still, in the bigger scheme of things, isn’t that a small price to pay to actually own a Ferrari that you can race around in?


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