Random Photos of the Day: Handbags at Le Mans


“Bish, you don’t block my way and get away with it!”

Warm-Up Lap: Randy De Puniet unknowingly blocks Casey Stoner on his hot lap. Stoner goes ballistic and rides up to de Puniet and lands a punch on his arm. Seriously, Casey, do you lie awake in bed at night and think of ways to make other riders dislike you even more?

P.S. Apparently, both riders have already “kissed and made up” (minus the “kissing” part). Still doesn’t make Stoner’s actions excusable, though. 

Race: With barely 10 laps to go, 2nd placer Dani Pedrosa was hunted down by Marco Simoncelli, but as the wee Spaniard reclaimed 2nd spot, the brash Italian rider cut his bike’s front end going into a corner, causing Pedrosa to crash out. Simoncelli’s antics resulted in a ride-through penalty but it was the Spaniard who suffered more, as he not only lost precious Championship points but also broke his right collarbone.  Poor Dani, he just can’t catch a break, can’t he?

So, what can we conclude from all of this?

1. Randy de Puniet will now be a card-carrying member of the “We Don’t Like Casey Stoner Club”, along with Valentino Rossi and Hiroshi Aoyama.

2. Jorge Lorenzo will now join forces with his ex-nemesis Dani Pedrosa to start the “We Don’t Like Marco Simoncelli Club”.

3. Valentino Rossi is secretly seething that he’s not involved in any of the recent dramas.

4. I may be more emotionally-involved with MotoGP than F1 this season.


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