Achtung, Baby: A Poem for Nick Heidfeld*.


*In honor of his valiant Malaysian GP 2011 drive.


Quick Nick is his name,
Formula One is his game.

He wore yellow and black,
From the start, blitzed the pack.

Unpredictable, his pace,
Surprised in so many ways.

He pushed ever so well,
His rivals went, “What the hell?”

Degrading tyres? Never mind,
A calmer driver, you shan’t find.

The fight went down the wire,
Drove like his bum was on fire.

His first win, he’s still chasing,
Go on son, just keep racing!

He’s the Driver of the Day,
Made neutral fans go, “Hooray!”

What makes him good may sound weird,
His mojo’s stored in his beard.

Keep up this charge, Quick Nick,
May Lady Luck with you, stick!



Didn't I tell you he's a Firework?


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