A Million Love Songs Later, My Heart Still Belongs to Them.


I have a rather unusual relationship with music.

Now, if you want to be a clever clog and ask what this piece on music is doing in a Football, Racing, Travel & Design blog, my answer is: This piece was developed after I found out that my favourite football player has sustained an injury yet again, so in an attempt to maintain positivity and bouncebackability, not to mention avoid a trip down Egypt’s longest river, I turned to my ever-reliable music library and Youtube for a healing balm to an ailing heart.

Anyway, back to my original point.

While I do enjoy music, I can honestly confess that I will never be considered a hardcore music snob/aficionado. See, I listen to everything from the Beatles to Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson to Madonna and Girls Aloud, but I could never encapsulate my taste with a single genre. “Pop” may be fitting and a convenient cop-out, but it’s rather cringeworthy, considering that I’m not within a certain age bracket anymore. However, I can profess that I’ve only ever been a true-blue, devoted fan of one single pop group in my life: Take That.

It was a non-descript day during the early 1990s when I chanced upon a clip of Take That singing Back for Good in an awards show on telly. One listen to that glorious melody and vocals, not to mention that clear, ocean-blue eyes of lead singer Gary Barlow, and I was a goner. In a period when Youtube was still non-existent, our home was devoid of cable television and CDs were a luxury rather than a staple, I did the best that I could in gathering information about the band and listening to their songs as much as possible. To put it simply, I trained myself to become a bona fide Thatter.

Even though a quasi-apocalypse occurred when Robbie Williams left and the band subsequently disbanded in 1996, I kept their memory alive by listening to their music. I never cared that more boybands surfaced like acne on a hormonal teenager’s face for years after, that they claimed to be more successful and sold more records than TT. I never cared that only Back for Good broke through the US charts, for me, the fact that they were Ultra-British and remained under-the-radar made them more of a priceless musical piece of art.

By the time they came back as a four-piece group in 2006 and now, complete again with the return of Mr. Williams, it’s not about screaming at their boyish good looks or their hilariously cheesy dance moves and performing spectacles anymore, it evolved into appreciating just how good and brilliant they are as singers, songwriters, and performers. Progress, as they call it.

Back for Good is my favourite song of all time and even if it’s meant to be a sad and bittersweet song, it never fails to make me smile whenever I hear it.

Patience is simple but haunting.

Rule the World is beautiful and is full of love and hope. If you can keep a secret, this might just be one of my wedding songs.

Never Forget will make you remember your bestest friends and family and loved ones and will make you realize just how wonderful your life is.

A Million Love Songs is amazingly heartfelt. Take note, Gary Barlow was just 15 years old when he wrote that song. I wish there were many more boys born with Gary Barlow’s gift for words and melody. The world will be a better place, for sure.

Seriously, you have no soul if you don’t get touched by at least one of their fantastic songs or appreciate and recognize just how masterful their songwriting abilities are (specifically looking at you, Mr. Barlow, you really should be knighted by now).

My fondest hope is for me to be able to see the 5-piece manband (just testing if this sounds better than still calling them a boyband) perform live before they finally decide to call time on their reunion. So, how about a trip to Asia after your European tour, lads?

So, thank you, Take That, for bringing a smile to my face on a taxing day with your songs. Time may pass and we may all age, but I assure you, as long as there is music, we Thatters will Never Forget.


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