Formula One: The Musical.


The illustrious members of the Formula One community are more than just speedsters, cashcows and pretty faces–they can also belt out wicked tunes if the time and occasion calls for it.

Below are a selection of songs which would be the perfect fit for the F1 (and ex-F1) personalities just in case Broadway or West end comes a-calling:


Kimi Raikkonen, on his famous range of emotions, to the tune of Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice:

KR IceIceBaby

Fernando Alonso, on his tactical prowess and on-track aggression that sometimes gets him into trouble, to the tune of Oops, I did it again by Britney Spears:

FA Oops

Lewis Hamilton, on the reasons other teams should be jealous that he’s not driving for them, to the tune of Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls:

LH DontCha

Mark Webber, on his plight of not being appreciated by his team Red Bull Racing enough, to the tune of What Can I Do by the Corrs:

MW WhatCanIDo

Sebastian Vettel, on staking claim to Red Bull Racing’s #1 Driver status, to the tune of It’s My Life by Bon Jovi:

SV ItsMyLife

Adrian Newey on his general awesomeness as a car designer, to the tune of I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred:

AN ImTooSexy

Michael Schumacher, on resuming his Machiavellian tactics on-track and his infamous off-track fashion sense, to the tune of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga:

MS BadRomance

Pedro Dela Rosa, on his attempt to play Team Hero by sharing Ferrari’s technical data to be used in Fernando Alonso’s McLaren car, to the tune of Do You Want to Know A Secret? by the Beatles:

PDR Secret

Nelson Piquet Jnr, on what he does best on-track, to the tune of Spinning Around by Kylie Minogue

NP SpinningAround

Giancarlo Fisichella introduces himself to the new-generation F1 fans, to the tune of Umbrella by Rihanna:

GF Umbrella


Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica, on their shared unique talent that makes them an enigma to the press and public alike, to the tune of Poker Face, by Lady Gaga:

KRRK PokerFace

Kimi Raikkonen and Heikki Kovalainen, on what makes Finnish drivers special and a cut above the rest, to the tune of California Gurls by Katy Perry:

HKKR CaliforniaGurls

Felipe Massa and Rob Smedley, on what makes their Driver-Engineer relationship so solid and special, to the tune of Baby by Justin Beiber:


The Ferrari crew, on their infamous monumental cock-up during the 2008 Singaporean GP, to the tune of We Are Family by Sister Sledge:

SF WeAreFamily

I can just see Andrew Lloyd Webber quaking in his shoes now and Bernie Ecclestone cackling in joyous monetary anticipation.


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