Photos of the Day: Joey Barton Channels Blondie


Newcastle United’s #7 and resident Bad Boy Joey Barton’s favourite karaoke song has been recently revealed– Seems he couldn’t help himself when he came face-to-face with Liverpool’s Golden Boy Fernando Torres and belted out “…when I think about you, I touch myself” during their match this weekend.

Okay, not really.

Barton actually used more obscene gestures and he probably said a boatload of expletives as well. My, my, Joseph. Santa will NOT be pleased. You can expect a truckload of coals inside your stocking this Chrimbo.


P.S. If the FA decides to suspend Barton because of that incident, then they have lost the plot. A fine would suffice for that sort of petulance, but not suspension. Torres took the actions like a man and let’s face it, characters like Barton make matches a lot more interesting to watch.



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