Videos of the Day: The Bully with a Golden Heart (and a Damn Sharp Aim)


Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona and Spain NT is a man of many talents and achievements–He’s a Premier League, Primera Liga and World Cup winner, occasional model and product endorser, and he’s the object of affection and obsession of countless tweens and women across the globe. However, he seems to have the attention span of a restless four-year old, as he thinks it’s far more interesting to throw snacks at your poor, unsuspecting fitness coach than watch your club demolish the opponents live:

With friends (or colleagues) like Geri, who needs enemies? Although I have to admit, I sort of got annoyed when Puyol put a stop to his antics.

Anyway, to counteract his predilection to playing random pranks (and wasting precious food), this “bully” proved that while he may be a toughie on the outside, he’s as soft as marshmallow on the inside:

Hugging (imaginary) princesses and slaying (imaginary) dragons on his spare time? I officially want him to be my best (platonic) male friend. Move over, Cesc!


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