Video and Photos of the Day: Handbags at El Clasico.


El Clasico, a.k.a. FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid FC, would not be so hyped if it does not have the requisite drama worthy of cheesy soap operas. This time around, the climactic scene went something like this:

Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid tackles Barca’s Lionel Messi badly.
Messi goes down.
Players from both teams swarm the ref.
Carles Puyol, Barca’s Captain,  tries to talk to Ramos.
Sergio pushes Puyol.
Sergio gets a red card, pushes xavi as he leaves the pitch.
Iker Casillas, Real Madrid Captain, tries to calm Gerard Pique down, etc…

Before that, here are some choice catfight moments from the match:

Carvalho "casually" stretching his elbow to catch Messi in the face. Sneaky. But not like it hasn't been done before.

Cristiano Ronaldo getting all "diva-esque" on Barca boss Pep Guardiola for not giving him the ball, pronto. Chill, gurl.

Basically, drama all around.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the match ended with the scoreline Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho got schooled by Pep Guardiola well and proper, y’all.

However, the best part about post-match El Clasico was Andres Iniesta posting a photo of himself sans shorts in his Facebook page. Beating Real Madrid soundly in home turf sure makes a man do some crazy stuff.

Bottomless fun with Iniesta.

I just know this week’s Crackovia episode will be nothing short of EPIC. Stay tuned, folks.

Videos of the Day: The Evil Genius of Jose Mourinho.



So here’s the lowdown: With his club Real Madrid winning 4-0 away to Ajax, Jose “The Special One” Mourinho gets Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso to waste time. Both players then get sent off for a second yellow. Ramos & Alonso are suspended for the last group game which is immaterial to their standing. Both go into the knockout rounds with a clean card slate.

Sergio Ramos shook the ref’s hand on his way out of the pitch.

Bottom line? You can’t teach special like that in school, kids.

Random Photo of the Day: MotoGP Goes National Geographic


Pic from motogpisforlulz


Ever wonder what the animal counterparts of the Class of 2010 MotoGP riders will look like? Well, wonder no more.

You know what I’d really pay good money for? Having all those animals ride the 800cc bikes for 1 race. I bet my life’s savings that it would be nothing short of EPIC.