Video of the Day: The Ben Spies Method


Forget about Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, and Casey Stoner for a moment and watch this 2009 clip of then-reigning World Superbikes Champion, Ben Spies, explaining how he lorded it over the more experienced riders even on tracks he was unfamiliar with beforehand.

Remember his name (for you’ll be screaming it later?), for this guy will surely be a Future MotoGP Champion.

Ignore the fact that he’ll have a powerful, factory-spec Yamaha bike between his legs next season (if you can), the fact that he can poke fun at himself with a straight face (and that charming Texan accent), shamelessly shops for keychains like a true tourist, and can spontaenously create replicas of racing tracks using styrofoam gets top marks in my book.

Now, excuse me while I get myself a nice, tall glass of cold water. That was a lot of smoldering stares in the space of four minutes.


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