Just Gonna Stand Here and Watch Him Score: Carling Cup Round-Up


I’ll be honest, I was still silently seething at the sheer injustice that happened during Sunday’s match. I have no idea why the football gods have suddenly developed an aversion to my prayers. However, my decision to not get up at an ungodly hour to watch the Carling Cup matches through the web, listen to live commentary or to just read text updates, stemmed from my desire to be a good employee (since I shall be taking a vacation leave in a day’s time) and not out of churlishness.

Cutting to the chase, here are the select matches and results from the Carling Cup:

Newcastle United 4-3 Chelsea

I have a soft spot for the Toon, I really do, but a sizeable part of me feared a thrashing from Chelsea, that’s why I’m so relieved and at the same time, gobsmacked to find out that the Magpies got the better of the Blues this time around. It was reportedly a see-saw affair that needed a last-minute goal from Shola Ameobi to seal off the match. Well played to the Toon for upsetting the odds. They are becoming “The Giantkillers” of the Season so far. I almost want to break out into the “We’re on the pitch if Shola scores!” chant. Almost.

For those who missed the action:

Newcastle United vs Chelsea Match Highlights

Liverpool 2-2 Northampton (Northampton win 4-2 on penalties)

Now for the bad news. Liverpool has crashed out of the Carling Cup. The fact that it happened barely 24 hours after city rivals Everton also crashed out does not console me at all. It was mostly Liverpool’s fringe players that featured in the match, but if you can’t depend on your B-team to kill off a less-than imposing rival team (no disrespect to the Cobblers), then how can you expect to get any decent results against the big fishes? Fair play to Northampton though, for keeping their nerves steady. They deserved to win that match. Clearly, something is very, very wrong with LFC right now. Although this is certainly not the worst patch that the team has been through, something needs to be sorted out before the Red ship begins a slow and painful descent. Walk, on lads.

For those who missed the action:

Liverpool FC vs Northampton Match Highlights

Manchester United 5-2 Scunthorpe

Lest we forget, Manchester United is the reigning Carling Cup Champions, thanks to a certain equalizing goal from a striker named Michael Owen in the Final against Aston Villa, who incidentally, is reportedly interested in signing him this January.

But, I digress.

Prior to this match, Owen has scored 7 goals in his last 9 Carling Cup appearances, and last night, he did not disappoint at all as he bagged a brace to send Scunthrope packing home.

Needless to say, I am pleased as a punch for the wee lad, especially after that infuriating snub during Sunday’s match, coupled with the miserable back-to-back losses of LFC. Anyone who dares count him out deserves to be whacked with his 2001 European Footballer of the Year Award, and for those who can’t stop hating, you can form a queue a la izquierda, por favor. Player preference and support is completely personal, and I shan’t ever apologize for it.  Comprende?

Owen + Ball = Back of the net. Twice. Image via One Michael Owen

How am I supposed to stay away, when you're scoring like that? Image via One Michael Owen

Interestingly, a male streaker also invaded the pitch. The photo is here if you want a peek. NSFW obviously. Also, you know you’re a full-fledged Owen fan when there’s a naked man in the foreground of the photo yet all you see is the blurry M.O. in the background. Just saying.

Note to the football gods: I may be pushing my luck here, but just the same, I’d like to know when it will be possible for me to celebrate both Liverpool and Michael Owen-related positive football results?


For those who missed the action:

Manchester United vs Scunthorpe Match Highlights

MU (Owen) 3-1 SC

MU (Owen) 5-1 SC


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