Reversal of Fortunes: Real Madrid vs Barcelona Round 2



Never be too sure about anything in football.

Barcelona 0-2 Hercules

Just when I thought that Barcelona was going to walk their match against newly-promoted side Hercules, they went and lost 2-0.

Yes, 2-0. The Primera Liga defending Champions, with no less than 5 World Cup-winning players on their squad, were soundly beaten by humble Hercules.

Operation Giant-killing is now well and truly underway in La Liga.

P.S. Gerard Pique continues to be hounded by unfortunate on-pitch incidents, as his clash with the Hercules goalkeeper resulted in quite a painful, bloody mess:

Don’t worry, Pique fangirls. He’s okay.

Real Madrid 1-0 Osasuna

Meanwhile, Real Madrid went into their match with Osasuna determined to forget the lackluster goalless draw with Mallorca during Week 1. Cristiano Ronaldo made an astounding recovery and came back from injury to feature in Mourinho’s side. Still, a goalfest has yet to be produced by the Los Blancos and ironically, it was new signing, Portuguese defender Ricardo Carvalho, that produced the match-winning goal.

Have a Xabi Alonso side-eye screencap, Madridistas:

Also, this post will not be complete without recognizing that Sunday was the 12th Anniversary of Real Madrid Captain Iker Casillas’ debut in the Primera Liga. All hail the man with probably one of the best profiles in the world:

For this round, Real Madrid wins. Current standing: Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid.

There you have it, a complete reversal of fortunes for the 2 Title Contenders in a span of a fortnight. To make things interesting, the club that sits atop the La Liga standings right now happens to be Atletico Madrid. I bet the Real Madrid blacksuits are just seething. Then again, it’s still early days so Atletico better enjoy their present standing while they can, for who knows, tomorrow or next week it just might be Hercules lodged in their place.




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