When Football Met Racing = “The Beautiful Race”


As if I still have enough time to follow another racing series.

However, the combination of Football + Racing is just too irresistible for an adrenaline junkie-spectator like yours truly, and I found myself tuning in more and more to check the recap shows on the Bloomberg channel while waiting for either MotoGP or Formula One races to start. Whoever thought of this brilliant concept deserves a sound pat on the back as well as a customized chant, by the way. Football clubs already have solid, sometimes even rabid following, so why not make them into racing teams as well?

Admittedly, I am still in the process of fully familiarizing myself with the rules, regulations and nuances of this league, although the ever-informative Superleague Formula Wikipedia Page has already greatly helped in answering my FAQs.

Football clubs that are currently active in this season’s Championship are as follows: Liverpool FC, AC Milan, Sporting CP, PSV Eindhoven, FC Porto, Galatasaray, Bordeaux, CR Flamengo, Atletico Madrid, Anderlecht, Coreinthians, Olympiacos, FC Basel, Sevilla, AS Roma, Tottenham Hotspur, Lyon, and Beijing Guoan.

Of course, I fully support Liverpool FC in this series, although I still wonder why some of the other big clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, or Manchester United have not signed up for this, considering the financial and publicity firepower they hold. Be that as it may, the racing cars look rather spiffing with their liveries in club colors. It will take only a hardened, cynical fan not to feel pride in his club when he sees the marriage of horsepower and passion borne from football.

Liverpool FC's Superleague Formula car. Isn't he a beauty? So much want for a scale model of this.

Here’s a brief compilation piece on Liverpool FC being the 2009 Superleague Formula Constructors’ Champion:

And a compilation of the Season 2009 Highlights:

As of this writing, there’s only 4 races left in the League calendar, and based on current standings, it seems Liverpool will not be able to defend the Constructors’ Title. Never mind, there’s still next season, and hopefully, more football clubs will be lured into joining this series. The more, the merrier! Rest assured that before the new season starts, I shall become a far better-informed and well-equipped fan of this series. If there’s Liverpool FC involved, it deserves nothing less than 100% of my effort and devotion.


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