Carradonna Testimonial Hangover


I know it’s been 5 days since the match, but this International Break did not exactly help in waning me off that football high, so without further ado, I present more multimedia from that epic reunion:

Owen and Carragher: Reunited and it feels so good…

Behind-the-scenes footage of Carragher reuniting with old teammates such as Owen, uis Garcia, Jerzy Dudek, Emile Heskey, Danny Murphy, etc.

N.B. I totally had a fangirl moment when I saw Carra, Owen, Danny Murphy and David Thompson engaged in a mini-powwow. I swear I wanted them to end it with a group hug.


Carragher giving a speech at his Gala Testimonial Dinner.

Download Video of Carra’s Speech + Clips from the Testimonial Dinner.

This was done and shown before the Testimonial Match– Jamie counting down 10 of the Best Teammates he’s had with Liverpool FC. I can reveal that his “best mate” in football, Michael Owen, is ranked number 3. For the rest, well, you’ll have to download the video to find out! Don’t worry about the size, I promise you that Carra’s candor and wit, not to mention all the priceless Liverpool FC moments, will make the wait worthwhile.*

ED. Note: Sadly, the download links for the videos aren’t available anymore. I’m sure these videos will turn up at youtube in the future…


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