It Only Takes One: The Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion Match Wrap-Up


This BFMF is going to get you.


My first observation was the irony of the weather: it was almost too unbelievably bright in Anfield, Liverpool, while the rain was pouring in sheets on my part of the world. What’s the deal with that?


Let me just get this out of the way, I actually moved a few feet closer to the telly when I spotted Fernando Torres, just to confirm if it was really him, because he looked like fricking Cristiano Ronaldo with his greasy, mini-fauxhawk. Note to Nando: Never overdose on hairstyling products. Comprende? Gracias. Moving on…


West Brom’s defence during the 1st half was decent. Actually, it was way more than decent, considering that Liverpool fielded a strong 11 but still could not execute an effective attack. I suppose that speaks of the improving quality of Championship Football, which they were runners-up to (from Newcastle) last season.


First half was frustrating. The only thing that prevented me from going berserk and biting my nails was the thought that Liverpool have always, always trounced West Brom in the Premier League.


After a long and strenuous wait, the deadlock was broken, aptly, by a Fernando Torres goal. The technique and confidence of his shot was simply astounding. Dirk Kuyt notched the assist and was promptly rewarded with a kneeling hug. That was Nando’s 50th Anfield goal and more than made up for the questionable choice of hairstyle.


Although the crowd was absolutely gagging for a 2nd goal to completely kill off the match, West Brom’s defense held their bottle, and despite the handball appeal from a Torres attack which the referee promptly waved off (the tantrum Nando threw afterward was nothing short of divaesque…but in a good way), the match finished 1-0. In the end, it was Torres’ class that spelled the difference.


To cap this off, the “fake” Torres with the twitter handle @OfficialTorres tweeted post-match that this was his 50th Liverpool goal. Erm…Not really. Unless he meant 50th Anfield goal? Yeah, get your stats straight, fake Nando.

Here are the match highlights:

Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion Match Highlights Download Link

Fernando Torres 1-0 West Bromwich Albion


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