Advert of the Day: A Pensioner German and A Poker-Faced Finn


So many things are just right in this FIAT Bravo Advert:
1. Two of my all-time favorite drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher, are together. In one car. Talking like best mates.
2. Kimi talking in German. He seems comfortable with the language and could seriously pass for a German himself with his Aryan looks
3. Kimi’s bored expression when Michael was talking. I doubt they needed to coach him for that.
4. I can’t find the video with the English subtitles anymore, but the moment when Kimi said “okay, okay..(German German German)”, the English translation was “Do you want to talk or drive?”
5. The moment when Schumi sat in the passenger seat and spoke to Kimi, his line was “So…you wanna see a pensioner drive?” If there was a thing called Money Shot, then that was the Money Line.

Now, hold off on any wisecracks about Kimi’s current absence in F1 nor Schumi’s current lack of competitiveness. Why? Because I don’t give a flying fart. See y’all after Spa.

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